What's new in HCR 3.0?

New Features

Rostering module

We are releasing a lot of features for the rostering module. Some are improvement on the interface and some are rules that are managed in a different way.

  • The team restriction page as been redesigned to show the settings per group and in a logical order. Some new settings were added mainly for the printed roster settings.

  • A new rollover team module is now available that allow you to create team in batch but also setting a team fee on each of the team as you create or rollover them.

  • The team list side panel now display the team statistics so you don’t have to open each team to know the number of players in that team.

  • The team statistics screen as been fully redesigned to manage the new gender identity fields and the rules on how we calculate overage and underage was revisited.

  • You now have a filter section on the top of the roster that will allow you to filter easily the players based on status or deficiencies.

  • The player list was updated to include more information like : gender, icons for all the deficiencies, player status, injured information.

  • The lock roster date features can now be set at 3 different levels

    • Default value from Hockey Canada;

    • A team restriction settion

    • On a specific roster.

  • We are adding the quick view. From a roster section, you can now open all the players profile in one screen with a tab for each of the players. That allow you to do validation on any of the section in one screen and move from profile to profile. You need to click on the small “+” next to "Active Roster", "Affiliated Players”, etc.

  • We are releasing a Validate member function that allow you to be notified of all the reason why a player can’t be added to the team. This will help a lot registrar to understand the reason why the player is not available to be added to the roster.

  • There is a new permission for users that have access to release a player.

  • Position names and position groups were revised.

  • The logo of the team will now default to the logo of the parent organization if no logo is set for the team.

  • New rules or updated rules

    • Should not be able to add a blocked participant to a roster at all (like the functionality for overage/underage) but should be able to search for them and then see they are blocked.

    • Participants with Outstanding balance should not be able to roster – should still be able to search for them and see them in a search find, but should not be able to add them until outstanding balances are paid.

    • If a player is marked released (using the ACTIONS button), the player is moved off the active player list and onto the released player list. The player count drops by one in the summary, the released player count increases by one, and the status of the player on the released player list changes to PENDING . There are no system rules associated with Pending Released players, but they can be reported upon and can be approved within the released player list.

    • Over age underage – at the branch level settings, be able to set how many over and underage players are allowed per division

    • System must enforce this overage and underage rule on the roster (i.e. not allow more than the set limit of overage or underage to be added to the roster. 

    • If searching for a player who is over or underage, be able to see that player when searching, and see that system flags them as over or underage.  

    • Depending on permissions, the user may be able to override and add an overage or underage anyway, or not add them at all if they don’t have that permission.

    • If player is flagged as Injured and ineligible then they are done for the season and so the card count should drop by each identified “injured/ineligible” player.

    • If they are injured / ineligible, then they should still appear as approved.

Sign waiver in bulk

We have launched a new feature that allow registrar to mark the waiver as signed in bulk from the roster module. This will be useful for any teams that are managing registration outside the platform. From the team page, you now have new Action button called Confirm all missing waivers.

When you click that action, the system will ask you the type of agreement you have with the members and will update all profiles with unconfirmed waivers with this value.

The signed waivers from that action will appear on each individual profiles as all the other waivers signed.

New navigation

We are launching the new navigation for all users across Canada. A popup will be displayed to user on their next connections and they still have the option to go back to the old navigation. There is no date yet to remove completely the old navigation but please note that we will do the future training and documentation based on the new navigation.

Outstanding balance management

We have reworked the outstanding balance management to allow 2 things :

  • You can now enter an amount owed in multiple organisation. It could be either from your organization tree or on shared organization. Each organization can now record is own amount.

  • We are displaying the amount now at any level so now a branch can see from the branch view the amount owed by the member to any organization.

The process stay the same to enter or update and outstanding balance. Use the blue pen in the field.

But now when you put your mouse over the field you can see the amount at any organization.

Note that the rest of the process stay the same. The amount needs to be edited at the level where you want to record it and as soon as a member have an outstanding balance at any levels he is blocked by the system.

News section

We are releasing this week the news section. This news popup will be used by Spordle to announce new changes to the platform. Hockey Canada and Branches will have access to publish news to their sub organization to announce stuff around HCR. This is similar to the bulletin section that was in the past HCR 2.0.

Updates and Improvements

Display of the registration and waivers section

We have reworked the display in the Registration section and the waiver section in the members menu. Registration section will contain 2 types of registration :

  • HCR registration - from the parent or the registrar

  • Third party registration ( Team snap, Ramp, etc..)

The waiver section is the screen that you need to look at in the system to see the status of the waivers for a member in a season. The waiver section will have all the waivers that can come from any source : My account, Third party, Regular registration.

Improved Help Bubble

The help bubble as been improved in the new navigation. In the coming week you will see more content attached to that , including videos. We will now be able to allow branch to add specific rules or content in the help soon. Training will be given to the branch as soon as our documentation is up to date.

Sort online store

We have released an option that allow you to sort the registration fee in the order you want in an online form. Go to the online registration that you want to change and in the Items & Fess section you will now see a new column called display order. From the side panel you can now change the value to sort the fees in the order you want. You can do the same for Registration fees and other items.

Save filter in custom reports

The report engine now allow you to save the filters in your customer report. For example, if you want to build a report from the registration on a specific registration package or for a specific date range you can do so. Set your criteria in the search field and when you save the customer report, use the check box to save the filter values. Any time you will run your custom report, it will include your defined filters.

Citizen ship fields

Some profiles are missing Citizenship field and it was set as a mandatory field in the previous version,. This was causing issues to some registrars and bad data collection. We have changed the field so a registrar can do a registration or update data without providing this value. The value is still required for any new profiles or from the parent view.

Credit expiration date

We now allow to change the expiration date of a credit. From the credit side panel you will now see the field expiration date and you will be able to edit.

Training Calendar

Check out our training calendar - new sessions are being added all the time - click here for the trainings calendar

You can also request a training session - click here to request a training session

What's Coming Soon?

Couple of improvements will be delivered next week :

  • Background Check module ( previously called Criminal Record Check )