November 1st, 2021

Information / New release  


  • We now have a function that allows you to refund a remaining credit.   You will now be able to pick any credit that has a balance and refund that credit to a member.   Select the credit and from the action menu you can select refund.  The system will ask you for the method you want to use for the refund.   The balance of the credit will be 0 and the credit marked as refunded. 

  • You now have the option to refund a transaction that was initially on a credit card on another payment method.  The process stays the same, you select the invoice, select Action and refund.   The window will now have the other method in the drop down.

  •  We now have a feature that allows you to convert a transaction that is supposed to be paid online by credit card to a manual payment.  Any transaction that you have created for a member to pay in his account can now be reverted to a manual payment.   From the action menu in that invoice, you will have the item Convert to manual.

  • There is now an option that will allow you to attach an invoice to an account.  It could be attached to any existing account or you can create a new one from an email address.   This will allow you to send the invoice to a parent or a member so they can go in their profile and consult and manage the invoice.   This process will work for registration or clinic invoices.   This can also be used to change the account that is linked to an invoice.   From the invoice view, click on the Edit button.  The system will ask you if you want to assign an identity or the address of the invoice.  The identity button will allow you to assign an account.

  • You can now credit the outstanding balance of an open invoice.   On any invoice that have an amount due, you can now cancel this balance by creating a credit for that invoice.   In order to do that you need to find the transaction and use the Credit invoice option. 


  • The qualification module on the team section now allows to set mandatory and optional requirements.   You can now ,for the same position, set a group of qualifications that are all mandatory and a group that one of the qualifications is optional.   Let’s say you want to say that Respect in sport - Parent and Respect in sport - Activity leaders are both mandatory and that one of the coach qualification is optional, you will now be able to add 2 lines of qualifications to manage that.

  •  New settings to validate the jersey number.   A new setting is now in place to force the validation of the jersey number to be unique on a roster.   If the setting is enforced, you will not be able to add twice the same jersey number on the same team. 

Information / Improvements 


  • In the roster module, in the screen where you can select the players we have applied 2 changes : 

    • You can sort now by last name and first name ;

    • The date of birth is displayed with the age of the player.

  • In the team list module we now allow you to select the number of teams you can see per page.  The limit is currently 200.   This will allow you to print roster in batch and approve them in batch also. 

  • We have also increased the limit that we return when you get the full list.   Before it was 500, it is now raised to 2000.  You will see a warning when the system does not return the full list.

  • In the PDF roster report, the qualification levels were not displayed.   Only the qualification name was, this is now fixed.   Also, expired qualifications were showing so now this is fixed. 

  • You now have access to delete the team restrictions.   


  • The document list in the player profile is now sorted by date of upload descending. 

  • From the member profile, it’s now possible to go back directly to a team roster page by clicking on the Go to profile link in the team section.   Note that this link will appear only if you have the permissions on that team. 


  • The clinic attendee report now show the registration date to the clinic.