February 22, 2022

We are releasing a lot of new features this week around the registration process. Below you will find a quick summary of the changes that we are releasing this week. Spordle will host training sessions in the coming weeks and will provide full documentation on the new features that will help you a lot launching your new season. Make sure you attend one before you start the process.

New features 


We are improving the management of the member profiles by adding status. Status type are searchable and will be use in the future for rostering and transfer. The status are displayed in the member search display and on the member profile.

Changing a member status can be done using the action button. Some status are automated and others are available from the action button. Here is a definition of the status.

Member Status:

Draft: An online registration has been started for a new member but it has not been completed. No HCR# has been assigned to this profile.

Unconfirmed: When a new member is created and assigned a HCR#, the status will first be unconfirmed. Once the member’s information has been verified, the status can be updated to confirmed.

Confirmed: A member that has an HCR# with information that has been confirmed.

Inactive: Members that have have no activity on their profile for 18 month amount of time.

Blocked: A member that has a blocked status can not register for hockey or be transferred.

Ineligible: Once a member that has been mark as ineligible, can not register for hockey, be transferred or be rostered on a team. Only users with select permissions will be able to remove the ineligible status.

As we release the version today, the profiles were migrated to one of the below status

  • Profiles with an outstanding balance will be set as “Blocked”.

  • Profiles that were part of a 777 offices will be set as “Ineligible”.

  • All the other profiles will be set as “Confirmed”

Note : The draft status is a brand new one so as we rollout the version of the platform, no profiles will be set as draft. Starting now, any parent that start a registration process will be set as draft.


We are releasing also today a new way of tracking addresses on a profile. This will allow the parent to request an address change that the registrar can approve or decline. In the process , parent will be able to attach document to provide information that will help the the registrar validate the request.

Key features :

  • Parents can update their address or request an address change from My Account. Registrar’s will receive an email notification. Changes can be made in My Account from the Members or Settings menu. When an address change is made using the Settings menu, it will ask you if you want to apply the change to all or select members linked to your account. Address changes made using the Members menu, will only apply to the selected member.

  • In the member search engine, the registrar and the branch will be able to easily search for all unconfirmed address.

  • In the member profile, the unconfirmed address will be displayed in red so it’s easy to see that there is unconfirmed address to validate.

  • When reviewing the address, the registrar will have 3 choices :

    • Accept as primary address

    • Accept as secondary address

    • Reject the address and notify the parent.

In order to capture all the address changes and always have valid information, all users will be required to add their address in the My Account. As you login the first time, if there is no address, the system will ask the user to enter an address. Every year, the system will require you to confirm that the address is correct.


It will now be possible to manage the postal code that are valid for registration inside your MHA. They can be defined under the organization tab / Postal Code. Members with postal codes outside the set location will need to contact the MHA to register.


Registration package can now be set to manage waiting list registration when all the available places are sold. You can also now display the number of remaining available in the registration process. Wait list registrations can be found in the Tasks / Wait List menu.


You can now ask the position that the player during in the registration process. This will be stored in the registration and use later on in the rostering process. This feature is optional, and to set it up, go to the catalog/registrations fee.


A new mandatory field was added for Birth Country. This will now be mandatory when you create a new profile from the parent view or the registrar view. If the country is different then Canada, the registrar will receive an email to remind you to do an IIHF transfer if required.


Branch and member partners will now be able to push down a questionnaire to the MHA level to get the answer from the registration process. A report is available from the branch to extract the values.


Required documentation, such as proof of residency or birth certificate can now be requested during the registration process. Document management can be found in the Setting/Organization/Document menu. Parents can upload documents at the time of registration or by going to their My Account/Members/Document menu.



Registrar’s can now adjust the registration fee during a manual registration by entering the new fee in the price box. This new feature is available on both registration fees and other items.