December 22, 2021

New features 


  • You can now decide to show/hide the details of an instructor in the registration platform.


  • We have added a new filter in the deficiencies report. You can now filter on Rostered in a team. This will allow you to run a report on people missing a qualification that were added on a team.

  • Team list report now show 2 new columns: regular players and affiliated players. So now you have the data of the total number of the players, but you also have that split by regular and affiliates.


  • You can now filter on all the unconfirmed members inside an organization. From the member profile, there is now a check box that allow you to get the list of member profiles that are unconfirmed. This can be exported to excel if needed. Note: Unconfirmed members will only be for new members created from clinic registrations.

  • You can confirm the members by going to Action and Confirm member in the member profile.



  • In the team detail page, we now display the age of the bench staff like we were doing for the players.

  • When displaying comments in the team or in the team roster section, we are now showing the actual date and time that the comment was added and not a text. Previously it was a text saying for example that the comment was added a month ago.

  • In the release player section in a team page, if the released participant is a Bench staff, the side panel will now show Bench staff status instead of player status. This will allow you to approved released bench staff status .