December 16, 2021

New features 


  • Clinic Instructor Access - We are now able to assign an instructor to a clinic and give him a permission in read or write to manage the attendees. From the clinic creation and addition you can now assign one or multiple instructor. They will be able to access the clinics from the my account.

  • Access to generate the attendee report inside the attendee list - From the clinic attendee list, we have replaced the export button that was not working to place a download button. This button will trigger the download of an excel file. It will be the same data as the clinic attendee report filtered on that specific clinic.

  • Add document to Clinic - We have enable the upload of documents to a clinic. It can be done at the creation of the clinic or when you want to edit the clinic. There is 2 different sections where you can attach documents : registration confirmation and confirmation email. Those documents will be attached to the email when completing the transactions.

  • Clinic attendees batch update - The clinic attendee tab was revised to allow to display more then 10 attendees at the same time. You can select the number of attendees you want to see in the same page and do the management in batch. The batch mode will work as before where you will be able to do batch action on attendees that are on the same status.

  • Duplicating clinic attendees - You will now be able to duplicate the attendees registered to a clinic in the Duplicate clinic process. When you select a clinic to duplicate, the system will ask you if you want to duplicate only the clinic info or the attendees also. If you duplicate the attendees they will be registered to the new clinic. There will be no invoices created.

  • Clinic status review - The list of valid status for clinics are revised. The new status will be : draft, visible to public, registration open, closed, private and cancelled. The Closed status will allow you to stop the registration process on a clinic at any time. The cancelled status will allow you to mark a clinic as cancelled.

  • Allow user to create new profile when registering for clinic if no history in HCR3.0 - We will now be able to allow new members to be created in the clinic registration process. The user will be able to create his new HCR profile, select the MHA that he belongs to and attach documents to allow the registrar to verify the identity of the user. At the end of the registration process, a new HCR number will be created and it will be flagged as a new member. In a future release we will have an option to manage those new profiles.

  • Moving a qualification from a member profile - It will now be possible to move a qualification from a member profile to an other member profile. You need to go in the member profile that has the qualification and from there in the action button you will be able to transfer or share that qualification. Transfer will move the qualification from one profile to the other and Share will copy the same qualification information in multiple profiles.


  • In the support ticket section you will now be able to filter the tickets by status . We also added pagination to allow you to have access to the full list of tickets.


  • Suspension report - A new suspension report is available. It allows to get the suspension for a specific MHA or for a full branch. Please review the report and confirm the filters and the data in the report are good.


  • You can now delete a manual refund



  • Two important changes are added to the discrimination module : the complaint can nom be entered as an anonymous complaint. There is an option that will allow you to flag the complaint as anonymous. The other change is that the complaint can now also be against a team and not a specific player. So in the complaint against section you will be able to identify the team.


  • Team roster report as been improved and will now allow a multi selection of the division.

  • We have added a rule in the system to limit the number or rows returned in the screen. After a 1000 rows now, you will see a message and you will have to download the excel You will now be able to download the reports in excel even if they are not showing on the screen