Team settings (Branch Only)

* Registrars will not have access to this feature, however they will be able to view applied settings inside the actual team under the settings tab.

Settings must be applied to each level individually , example U7, U9 (you have a duplicate feature available)

If you have multiple categories in a level, example U18, U18AA, U18BB and you set only U18, it will apply the settings to every category. You may however also create a U18AA category to set specific rules for that category only.

In the left menu, choose Settings, then Team Restriction

Click + Add to create a new restriction

You will see multiple questions which need to be answered and 2 toggle switches.

First, you must choose to either make this restriction Active or not, this means if you deactivate this rule, it will not apply to this category at all.

Second, you need to choose Enforced or not, this means if you do not enforce the rule, it will permit the registrar to exceed the rule but will give them a warning. Enforced means that they will not be able to exceed the rule in any circumstance.

Here is a recap of every option and a quick explanation of what it means

  • Player allotment : Allowed total number of players (including released players and excludes affiliates players).

  • Maximum number of players : Maximum number of active players.

  • Maximum import registrations : Maximum number of import players.

  • Maximum affiliate registrations : Maximum number of affiliated players.

  • Maximum released registrations : Maximum number of released players.

  • Maximum tryout registrations: Maximum number of tryout players.

  • Protect registration date: Allows the person adding a player to edit the date they were added to the roster.

  • Protect released date: Allows the person releasing a player to edit the release date of the player.

  • Team fee: Fees for adding a new team.

  • Registration setting : Allow all cards will allow any players even if they were never part of a team. Must have previous card means that they need to be part of a previous team. So, must have previous card will block any new players from being rostered.

  • Released registration setting : Allow to release players.

  • Keep team approbation on jersey # changes : Allow the edit of jersey numbers without needing to resubmit for approval

  • Participant requires a pre-registration : Indicate if the player needs to have a registration for the current season

  • Send email notice on team changes : System will send an email on team change - required if you wish to be notified when a team submits a request for approval

  • Minimum age :

  • Maximum age :

  • Override the validation of the primary team :

  • Bench staff require a valid criminal record check :

  • Qualifications require to be valid until the end of the season :

  • Jersey numbers must be unique :

The next section of settings applies to the way the official team roster will print, here is a recap of the options

  • Print affiliated players :

  • Print imported players :

  • Print tryout players :

  • Print released players :

  • Require team approval to print team roster :

  • Print approved players only :

  • Print approved coaches only :

  • Print approved staff only :

  • Show team roster approval box :

  • Team roster report field exclusion : Choices are: Contact, Summary, Sex, Position, Date of Birth, Release date, HCR number, Status

  • Team roster report field inclusion : Choices are : Qualifications, Participant addresses, Participant signature, Official signature, Official addresses

Then, you will have a section for qualifications for the coaches and players

When you add qualifications for coaches and you choose Enforced, this will block a coach from being added to a roster. You may need to toggle this on or off if you permit your coaches to be rostered while they complete their courses. If you leave it unchecked, you will have a warning when adding a coach to the roster that they do not meet the requirements but it will let you add them

Once you have created your first few restrictions, you may use the duplicate function to copy the settings to another category

Choose the 3 dots next to the name of the category you wish to duplicate, then choose duplicate

On the next page, you only now need to pick the new category and then create, all the settings are already preset for you. You may also choose to add more restrictions like U15 then AA here also.

* Important settings for affiliate players coming from a lower division

In the case you need to add affiliate players from a lower age group (example U15-A team, the call-up will be from U13-A)

You must make sure to activate this feature and enforce it

  • Minimum age :

So in this example, we will be setting the minimum age to 11 so the call-up can be either 11 or 12