Setting up Team Restrictions

Navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab

  • Select ‘Team Restrictions’ from the settings menu. Click ‘Add’.

Tip: Set-up your base restrictions that are common amongst divisions. This will make it easier to make slight adjustments are you create new divisions.

  • A screen will appear where you can select division and category.

    • There is an option to select multiple divisions at the same time.

Note: You will need to fill in the restrictions at the bottom of the page BEFORE clicking ‘Create’ at the top of the page.

  • Once you have put in your restrictions click ‘Create’.

Information on Different Restrictions

  • Enforced vs. Active

    • Enforced: If the restriction is enforced(the enforced checkbox is clicked ‘on’), you will not be able to execute your action. E.g., if the roster limit of 20 players is enforced, you will not be able to add a 21st player. If the enforced checkbox is not clicked ‘on’, you will only receive a warning pop up. Note: if you want the restriction to have either of the above responses, it must also be set to active.

    • Active: If the restriction is active(the active checkbox is clicked ‘on’), HCR3.0 will know to apply this restriction. If the checkbox is not clicked ‘on’, the system will ignore this restriction.

  • Player Allotment

    • A teams player allotment must include the active, affiliate and released players.