Creating the Teams

There are two ways to create a team:

  • You can create a new team from scratch.

  • You can rollover a team from the previous years.

Why would I choose one over the other?

  • If you are creating a team(s) from scratch, you will need to create one team at a time

  • If you are rolling over a team(s) from previous years, you can do a bulk rollover

Note: Creating and setting up teams is permission based, depending on your role.

Creating a New Team from Scratch

  • Navigate to the ‘Teams’ module. Click ‘Add New Team’.

    • A drop down will appear, the options are:

    • ‘Roll-over’ or ‘New Team’, select ‘New Team’

General Information:

  • Mandatory Fields are:

    • Team name

    • Short name

    • Category

    • Home colour

    • Away colour

    • Address

    • Address Type

    • All other fields ore optional

  • Click ‘Next’

Team Contact Information:

  • Mandatory Fields are:

    • First name

    • Last name

    • Role

    • Phone number

    • Phone number type

    • E-mail is optional

  • Click ‘Next


  • If information is correct, click ‘Create’.

  • Once you click create it will navigate to the ‘Team Profile’ and the new team will be added to your team list.

If we need to make any changes, we can use the edit button as indicated by the red arrows in the following

  • On the ‘Team Profile’ page you have the option to add a team logo.