Refunding A Participant

In order to issue a refund, we must go to a participant’s profile and click on the transactions tab. We can only refund money that has been processed and can’t refund more money than what has been paid.

Note: Only transactions that have been processed by credit card through the HCR online registration will be refunded directly on the account’s credit card.

To refund: Click on the action button in the right side panel and then click on refund. A dialog box will open so that you may enter the reason for the refund as well as the amount.

Now we can click on a row of a transaction to open the side panel. The side panel will open and we can see our transactional and registration history.

We need to click on the action button and select refund to issue a refund.

Once we click on the refund button, we have to fill out the refund transaction information. Only refund amount and payment method are mandatory in this step.

These are the accepted methods to issue a refund in the payment method dropdown.

Now that we have issued a refund, we can see the history of the transaction from the side panel.