Participant Search

The search feature is designed to for a general search or a targeted option. You can choose the type of participant (player, coach, referee or all), search by name, birth date range, gender or by HCR number.

If a participant isn’t part of your organization, you can only see basic info:

  • First + Last name

  • Date of birth

  • Member type

  • Current organization 

  • HCR Number

To access the search, you need to go to the participant’s section. Once inside this section, you can run a basic search:

If you want to run a more detailed search, you can click on the more filters button indicated by the red arrow above this text. Once you click on the More filters option, more filters will appear.

The search has three ways to find participants:

1- Include members of the selected organization

This search is used if you are working in an MHA organization. The search will return only participants at your level.

2- Include members of all sub-organizations

This search is used if you are at a member branch or member partner level. The search will return only participants who are at your level and your MHA organizations below you that belong to your member branch or member partner.

3- Include members of all organizations

This search is used to include all participants across the entire HCR. This search should only be used if you are initiating a transfer of a participant into your organization.