Participant Registration

This page will look at how to manually register a participant for a the hockey season. In order to manually register a participant, we must go to their profile and click on the registrations tab.

To add a new registration: Click + Add. Select the season, date, time, and type of registration. By selecting the player type, available registration will appear based on the age group that the organization has previously set up. If the member is already registered, the system will display a message letting you know that this participant cannot be registered twice.

Once you click on the blue add button, the member registration box will appear. All of these categories are mandatory in order to move onto the next step.

Once you select the participant type, the registration dropdown will auto populate with the options for that participant given their participation type and age.

For example: If I select player, only player registrations will appear in the registration dropdown. The same will be for coaches and officials.

Once we select our registration package, the registration and membership fees will automatically appear.

Once you are content with the information, you can click next.

The next step is to select the payment option for the manual registration.

If you chose the credit card option, you will be taken to the credit card information page. If you chose a manual payment, you will be taken to the next section.

The next step is respond to all option and/or mandatory questionnaires, waivers and terms & conditions. If the participant is not with you when you are manual registering them, you can skip the waivers and come back to them when the participant is present.

We now have the confirmation message and invoice number for our registration. We can see a copy of the invoice in our email and in the purchases section in our account dashboard.

Here are two examples of the invoice received in our email and where we can see the purchase history in our account purchases tab.

Once you are ready to accept the participant’s money, you can click on the row in the transaction tab and the side panel will open.

Click on the received money button and the transaction will be confirmed.

Now the transaction and money are marked as paid compared to image two above.

Video Tutorial