Participant's Profile


In the dashboard you will see an overview of the participant (age, HCR #, primary and shared organization and member status – player/coach/official). As well as information for payment status of all the transactions made by that specific participant.

Overview Tab

Here you will find the primary information of the Participant (name, date of birth, addresses and phone numbers), contacts, family relations and memos. All sections can be updated by clicking on the edit or add button.

Primary information

The information displayed is for the participant, family member’s information should be listed under contacts. To update the information click on edit.

Address(es) and phone number(s)

The address and phone numbers can be set up to display more than one (optional). To update, click on edit.

  • Address options: resident, work, father, mother, guardian, mailing or billet

  • Phone number options: home, work, cell, fax, pager or office


Adding contacts for a participant is optional but is very useful, as many of our participants are youths. To update the contact list, click on edit. From here you can either edit an existing contact or add a contact.

To edit a contact: Click on the contact and a side panel will open. Update the contact information and click the checkmark to save.

To add a contact: Click + add a contact. Enter the contact information and click save.

Note: You can easily see if a contact is set up as an emergency contact by the red ambulance in the contact box.

To remove a contact, you need to click on the contact and then the blue action button in the top right of the side panel. You can then select remove.

Family relations

Setting up a family relation is a useful tool for registrar’s. To update a family relation, click on edit. From here you can either edit an existing family member or add a new one.

To edit a family member: Click on the member and a side panel will open. You can remove or update the information.

To add a family member: Click + add a family relation. You can either search using the HCR # or enter the name, birthdate and gender. Once the family member is found, enter the relation type and click save.

Note: To add a family relation, they must have a profile set up in the HCR system.


Memos can be used in many ways, and are an optional item.

To add a memo: Click + Add.


Adding a document to a participant’s file is optional.

To add a document: Click + Add.

Modification logs

Coming Soon

Registration Tab

The history of this participant's registrations will be displayed. To view a specific registration, click on the line to open a side panel for more information. The action button will enable the following tasks:

  • Confirm the registration

  • Cancel the registration

  • Send the waivers by email - For manual registration or third-party API

  • Confirm waivers - For manual registration or third-party API

Note: all registrations that come from the online registration process or by third party API will be set to pending. The reason behind this is that we want to make sure that the registrars are doing proper verifications before confirming the participant’s registration. Players and coaches must be confirmed for a season to be added in a team roster.

To manually register a participant, click here for a step by step guide.

Transaction Tab

The transactions tab is where we manage all monetary transactions. From here, we can confirm money received, issue credits and issue refunds. To view how to issue a credit, click here. To view how to issue a refund, click here.

Team tab

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The qualifications tab is where we can see all of our participant’s qualifications. We must click on the qualifications tab to see the list.

This what the list will look like:


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Criminal Record Check (CRC)

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