Add A New Participant

Note: First, you need to confirm that the member has not participated in organized hockey, therefore, would not have a profile in the Hockey Canada database. If the participant has been set up in the HCR system under another organization, you must complete the transfer process to receive the rights to register this member.

To add a new participant: To add a new participant, you must be in the participants section. Click + Add Participant in the top right corner to get started. When you enter information about a new participant, the system will still try and match this information and suggest an existing participant. If there is no match, you may continue with the participant creation process.

The process beings with entering a first name and last name.

When you enter a first name and last name, the platform will run a search to see if the participant already exists. If the participant does exist, you will see this window.

If you find your participant already exists, you can click on the three dots and continue with your work.

If this wasn’t the participant you were looking for and you do need to create anew one, you can click on the Create a new participant button and proceed to the next steps.

When you complete this process, you will be taken to your new participant’s profile and the process is complete.