Add users

Users are defined as individuals with access to your association information on the HCR system.

Note: For most of the associations, you will need to ask your regional or provincial organization to add users.

To view the list of users that have access to the HCR for your association, click on the Users tab.

To add a user, simply click on the add button

Next, choose a role from the dropdown menu

Enter the correct email that this new person will use in the system.

Note: Should this user only need temporary access to the platform, you can set a start and end date to his or her rights.


Existing user: The platform is set up to detect if this user (email) has an active account in the system. Active users will automatically have access to the updated permissions.  

New user: In the case of a new user, the platform will send an invitation by email and they will need to do the initial steps to confirm their account and settings.

To remove or edit a user’s rights:  Click on the name and a side panel will open. From here you can edit the user’s role, their status (active or inactive) and the temporary access rights (if required). You will also be able to view the last time they logged in.

Video Tutorial