Online Registration

Organizations can process members' registrations through the HCR online store. To create a new merchant account click here

Note: IMPORTANT REMINDER You must have completed the following tasks before starting to create your online store.

  • Create waiver (optional)

  • Create terms and conditions (mandatory) - Example: Refund policy

  • Create questionnaire (optional)

  • Create installment (optional)

  • Create registration prices (mandatory)

  • Create other items (optional)

Set Up:

To create an online registration: click on create a new online store which is located to the right of the page.

There are four steps to complete the set up of an online registration store:

  1. General information

  2. Items and fees

  3. Terms and conditions, discounts and payment

  4. Review

Step 1 - General information

In this selection, select the language, enter the registrar’s email address and add a name for your online store. Next, define the registration start and end dates. You can also add a confirmation message (optional).Click on Next to get to step 2.

Step 2 - Items and fees

Here you will be able to import registration fees and items that were set up in the Catalog section by clicking  +Add. Click on Next to get to step 3.

Step 3 - Terms and conditions, discounts and payment

Select the terms and conditions and the discounts that apply to this registration by using the dropdown menus. If you allow for credit card payments, choose your merchant account, and check off the available payment options.  Click on Next to get to step 4.

Step 4 - Review

Verify that all the information you’ve entered for the online store is set up correctly and click on Create Online Store at the bottom of the page.

Note: Once you are ready for the store to be public, confirm that it is set to active. To view the public version of the store, you can click on the shopping cart or you can copy the link to the public URL by clicking on the Copy the store URL icon.

View and Manage Registration

When selecting online registration from the menu, you’ll be able to view information regarding the stores that you have created - name, start and end dates, and the status (draft, active or closed).

By clicking on a highlighted store, a side panel will be displayed with a summary of the information related to this store. 

To review the complete details of a specific online registration store (overview, registration list, transactions, and other items) click on the store title

Overview Tab: The overview will display all the set up information. Note: if your store is live, and you need to make a change, move your store back to draft, make your updates, and reset it to active when it is complete. 

Registration Tab: A list of all your registrations will be displayed and you can generate an Excel report by clicking on Export. Note: All registered members are flagged with a pending status by default. You must confirm a member’s registration in order to add them to a roster. To manage a specific registration, click on the registration to open a summary side panel. You can view the registration details, the transaction details as well as the answers to the questionnaires. 

Transaction Tab: A detailed list of your transactions will be displayed and you can generate an Excel report by clicking on Export. By clicking on the transaction number, the official invoice will open and you can view the details of the transaction, including the installments, the amount paid as well as the amount that is due. Refund: To refund a member, you must click on the action button and select refund. 

Other Items Tab: If you have set up Other Items as an option for your online store, you can view a list of items purchased here, and you can generate an Excel report by clicking on Export.

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