Legal and Forms - Waivers

Waiver can be set up by Hockey Canada, your provincial governing body and by your association. For a list of waivers that are automatically set up for you, please ask your district office. 

Note: Only waivers that are created by your organization will be visible in your account. All mandatory waivers from Hockey Canada, provincial governing bodies (this includes Rowan’s Law) and district offices will automatically be applied to the registrations but not directly visible in your account. 

To Add a Waiver: click on Waivers from the list of options under the Legal and Forms section, then click Add. Once you have completed the waiver, click Save

You can now create your waiver and there are a number of features to take not of. You can make a waiver mandatory (as indicated by the green arrow), you can make the waiver active (as indicated by the purple arrow) and we have a number of formatting options (as indicated by the red box).

Once you are content with your waiver, you can click the blue add button at the bottom. A list of waivers that you have created will be displayed, giving you an overview of which ones you have made mandatory, and their status. You can edit the waiver, the mandatory status and active status by clicking on the row of the waiver.

Video Tutorial