Registration Fees

Products and Services - Registration Fees

The registration fee represents the amount required for a player to play hockey in a specific division of a season.

Note: The registration fee should be entered MINUS the membership fee. The system will automatically subtract the membership from the total.

Example: If the annual membership fee for the player is at $23.80 (Hockey Canada + Branch), and your association’s registration fee is $300, the parent will see the total of $323.80 when they register their child. Using the same example; If you want the total that the parent will pay to be $300, you would enter your registration fee as $276.20.

To add Registration Fees: click on registration fees  from the list of options under the Products and Services section, then click Add. Select the Member type, Active or Inactive, Category and Number of Available Places. Next, enter the fees, and choose the questionnaires, waivers and installment options you want applied to this registration.


We can now start entering our registration fee information starting with the member information and naming our package.

 We can enter our fee breakdown in this section. The registration fee will automatically calculate the membership fee so we can see what your organization will be left with.

There is also the option to exclude all fees if creating a package for a coach or an official. This is what that functionality looks like.

You can attach any questionnaires, waivers and installments that you created in the other sections. It is important to build these other items first so that you can attach them to your registration fee. 

Once you are done, you can click on the row to make any edits. To edit or delete a clinic items, click on the row and the side panel will appear. you can click on the blue crayon to make any edits or use the red trash can or action button to delete the item.


Video Tutorial