Finances - Discounts

For organizations that use Online registration only.

Please note: Currently the only discount option that is available is for a Multi-Participant. Promo code discount will be available in the future. 

  • The multiple participant discount is optional. 

  • It can be set up to apply a dollar amount or a percentage off registration fee. 

  • Rules can be set for which participant receives the discount. 


To add a Discount: click on Discounts from the list of options under the Finances section, then click Add. 

  • Select the Multi-Participant type

  • Choose the mode $ or %

  • Add a title

  • Set the rules for which participant(s) to apply the discount to. Ie:  second child, third child, etc.

  • Create an expiration date for the discount rule (if needed).

  • Click Save



 Note: You can edit the status of the discount - active or inactive by clicking on the the discount from the list view

Video Tutorial